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You need an eyewear solution that looks great, provides the optimal vision and feels comfortable to wear. Purchasing the right lens is key to natural vision. Your eyes are unique so it follows your lens should be as well. Right?


Our opticians will help you find best eyewear solution for your eye health as well as your style. They will  talk you through heady choices of lens coating, materials, brands and designs so that you maintain clear vision as you select your designer fames.

Remember,  your new designer eyewear must suit your face and style but also your prescription and we are keen to help you avoid costly mistakes. You’d be surprised by how many people walk into our store having bought expensive designer frames online only to find that their lens prescription can't be used. 

The functionality of your designer eyewear is critical to any purchase so think about where and how you will be using your spectacles so our dispensing optician can talk you through the benefits of lens types.  

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